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Arts Academy Choir

The Arts Academy Choir is a non profit musical and cultural association founded in November 2006 by Maestro Claudio Gnarini and is set on the guidelines of the music teaching and concert production.

It has the purpose to devise and implement musical projects with the aim to aggregate and celebrate the fusion of cultures, different music, for the development of the artistic and musical sensitivity in general.

For this its primary aim is the organization of events, exhibitions, seminars, concerts, festivals and shows.

Multiethnic, multicultural and interfaith, it welcomes choir members from several foreign countries, belonging to various ethnic groups and with a wealth of musical experiences and cultural differences.

Born as academy of arts it has the main objective of spreading and studying, with didactic courses, music, vocal techniques and the interpretation of the various form of art such as : classical music, theatre, acting, jazz music, the Afro American music, spirituals and gospel.

As provided for in its statute it realizes musical projects in collaboration with associations operating in the sphere of social aggregation, for the promotion of the person and the quality of life, as well with associations that fight the discomfort and the marginalization of social categories.

It continually collaborates with non profit organizations operating in the humanitarian sectors, organizing charity shows for the collection of funds to devolve to needy social categories and penal institutions that provide their prisoners with education, music and concerts, thus bringing the choir music inside the prison.

Within the association operates the homonymous choir that in addition to continue the study of the polyphonic, African - American, Spiritual, Jazz and Argentine Choral Music, it deepens the study of the classical art voice and the use of the voice in different musical genres.

It collaborates stably with band jazz academy, composed of six professional musicians who accompany the choir in its performances.

The Arts Academy Choir is the result of an artistic journey in continuous evolution that traces the history of man, from his more primitive musical expressions up to modern and contemporary music.

The constant search for new languages and new musical expressions, the creative enthusiasm and eclectic and versatile spirit are the elements that unite us and enliven it's choristers and band.

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Claudio Gnarini
Artistic Director

He began to study pianoforte and sacred music at the age of 11 with Maestro Ivano Cecina.

He continued his studies at the Conservatories of Lucca and Parma, where he perfected his pianoforte studies under Maestro Piero Barbareschi and where he studied composition and choral direction under Maestro Mario Fiorentini.

He began his activity in organ liturgy at the age of 14 which he still continues today..

He has frequented many seminaries and courses on orchestra direction all over Italy, along with courses for choir directors thus perfecting over the years his directorial technique.

Over the years he has explored in depth diverse musical panoramas. He founded and directed from 1982 to 1986 la "Schola Cantorum S. Michele Arcangelo" of Ponzano Superiore.

He has sung as bass/baritone in various choirs and has been invited as guest director in many choral groups in the province of La Spezia and Massa Carrara.

From 1990 to 2006 he directed the Coro San Leonardo of S. Stefano di Magra.

In 1992 the Bishopric of La Spezia endowed him with the "Ferdinando Maberini" award for his 16 years of activity as choir director and liturgical organist.

After having directed many polyphonic choirs, that distinguished themselves for their execution of pieces “a cappella”, of classical, sacred and religious pieces, in 1995 he undertook the study of Afro-American music, furthering his education of a particular and fascinating style of music: Spiritual and its evolution into modern Gospel. He has participated in seminars and conferences in perfecting this kind of music, which knows how to capture the souls and hearts of those who sing and those who listen.

He has collaborated with important American names in gospel music, among whom emerge the American musician Nehemiah Hunter Brown, pianist, singer and composer, Cheryl Porter, Sybil Smoot, Jeffrey Jones, Edna Muse, Marietta Harris, J.K.Foster, Janice Buxton, Leona Laviscount.

From these artistic collaborations many friendships flourished, consolidated by numerous concerts and artistic collaborations in Italy and abroad. His encounter with Gospel music since many years has allowed him to collaborate with Gospel groups of national and international fame, such as : Florence Gospel Choir, The New Voices of Joy, Anno Domini, St. Jacob's Choir, Free Voices Gospel Choir, collaborations that have always made up an important growth factor within a musical and human profile. He has never abandoned classical music, which is where his musical formation stems from. In fact he collaborates with operatic singers and with different symphonic orchestras, both Italian and foreign for sacred, operatic and symphonic music concerts. Today he is the artistic director of the Arts Academy Choir of La Spezia which he founded in November 2006, as well as President of the homonymous cultural and artistic association.

His great passion for music has brought him to organise Gospel and classical music events with the sole aim of promoting cultural and musical exchanges: in fact he organises many charity concerts with the aim of gathering funds to help the less fortunate; he thinks up and organises many social, cultural and recreative events on behalf of public and private institutions, for committees and associations.

This constant search for new artistic experiences, the desire to discover new kinds of music and the strength and passion that animate them, have recently brought him to undertake, together with his choir, the study of jazz music, by way of musical tributes to great names such as: Duke Ellington. George Gershwin, Irving Berlin e Cole Porter.

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Cantoni Maria
Galli Alessia
Gasparini Elena
Silvia Giuliani
Pierleoni Sandra
Gavarini Mariella


Ferrari Giuseppina
Gasparini Rosy
Marchini Rosanna
Muzio Daniela
Serafini Raffaella


Botta Franco
Dimonda Gianni


Pellegrini Sergio
Truscia Giorgio
of the Arts Academy Choir

Stefanini Michele

Fiorenza Armando

Bertilorenzi Pietro

Botti Enrico

Burchi Adele

Marzioli Sara


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(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Everything I Desire
(arr.Carol Cymbala)
>Song of Freedom
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
(arr.Mnogaja Leta)
>Give me that old time religion
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Jesus oh what a wonderful child
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Walk together children
(arr.Moses Hogan)
>Amazing grace
(arr.Dan Galbraith)
>Nobody knows the trouble I've seen
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Spiritual medley
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Swing low sweet chariot
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Oh when the Saints
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Joshua fit the battle of Jerico
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Soon ah will be done
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Balm in Gilead
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
(arr. Claudio Gnarini) - Kurt Carr
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>I Don't Feel Noways Tired
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>If I have my ticket
(arr.Donald Moore)
>I’ve got a new home
(arr.Claudio Gnarini)
>Keep your lamps trimmed and burning
(arr.Jay Althouse)
>Spiritual (F.De Andrè)


>Lord I lift your name on high
R. Founds
>Oh happy day
Edwin Hawkins
>He got up
Walter Hawkins
>I say a little prayer
B. Bacharach (arr.C.Gnarini)
>Goin' up yonder
W. Hawkins
W. Campbell, E.Atkins
>Bridge over troubled water
P. Simon (arr.C.Gnarini)
>I believe I can fly
R. Kelly (arr.C.Gnarini)
S. Wonder
>Blowing in the wind
B. Dylan
>Praise His Holy Name
Keith Hampton
>My Life Is In Your Hands
Leonard Cohen
>Medley of changed
(Arr. Carol Cymbala)

Duke Ellington & George Gershwin

>It dont mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
Duke Ellington
>Take the a Train
Duke Ellington
>Come Sunday
Duke Ellington
>Hit Me with a Hot Note
Duke Ellington
>Embraceable you
George Gershwin

Michael Jackson

>Man in the mirror >The Lost Children >Heal the world

Leonard Bernstein
West Side Story

>Maria >Tonight >America >Somewhere >I Feel Pretty >One Hand, One Heart

Argentine Music

>Ave Maria
Astor Piazzolla
>Jacinto Chiclana
Ástor Piazzolla - Arr. L.Cangiano
>Adiós nonino
Ástor Piazzolla - Arr. L.Cangiano
>Negra Maria
Lucio Demare
>Alfonsina y el mar
Ariel Ramírez / Felix Luna
>Corazón Coraza
Mario Benedetti Arr.B.Corona
>Los Mareados
J.C.Cobián - Arr.L.Cangiano

Indianas de Carlos Guastavino

>Gala del dia >Quién fuera como el jazmín >Chañarcito, chañarcito >Viento norte >Al tribunal de tu pecho >Una de dos

Christmas carols

>Sweet little Jesus boy >Cantique de Noël >Silent night >Adeste fideles >Tu scendi dalle stelle >Happy Christmas >Jingle bells >Christ is come >A Tapestry carols >What child is this >Joy to the world >Hark! The herald-angels sing >A Merry Christmas >Psallite Unigenite >God rest you merry gentlemen

John Rutter

>Sussex Carols >Shepherd's Pipe Carol >Star Carol >All Things bright and beautiful >Candle Light >All Bells in Paradise

of the Arts Academy Choir



of the Arts Academy Choir

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Notti al Castello 2010

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Operative address - Salone A. Gramsci
Romito Magra - 19021 Arcola - La Spezia - ITALY
Registered office - via della Chiesa 1
Loc.Ponzano Superiore - 19037 Santo Stefano Magra (SP) - ITALY
President and Artistic Director
Claudio Gnarini
+39 339 6836228
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